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About This Blog August 7, 2010

Come with me on a journey to create 175 fun, healthy, eco-friendly lunches for my soon to be six-year-old daughter who is starting kindergarten this Fall.

Rather than counting on the school’s cafeteria to serve up vats of processed foods, or just as bad, falling back on the typical sack full of prepackaged junk, this Mom turned “Lunch Lady,” is going to use some inspiration from other parents, a few simple tools, and as much fresh local organic ingredients as possible to really nourish my child and keep unnecessary waste out of the landfill.

Disclaimer: Please know that I am writing this blog solely as a way to document my experience this year, and to share information about this experience with anyone who is interested in making fun, healthy, and litter-free lunches for their children.  I am not, nor do not claim to be, a nutritionist or Dietitian.  The information I provide is just my opinion, which is based on what I have learned.  Additionally, I am writing this blog completely without monetary compensation, and am in no way being paid by any companies to use or review their products, nor do I wish to be.  Very simply, this blog also serves to keep me accountable on those days when I may not feel like making the effort to pack a special lunch, and I’d like to think it might inspire others to do the same.