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Week 11 – Friday’s Lunch (Boo!) October 29, 2010

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Lunch #48: Hopefully Ava will think her bootiful lunch is spooktacular (yeah, I did go there).  Today she has a jack-o’ lantern sandwich made of natural peanut butter and organic strawberry jam on whole-grain flat bread.  She also has (thanks to Auntie M for the cleaver idea) organic apple slices cut in a ghost shape (using an upside down mini-tulip cookie cutter) with raisin eyes.  Finally, organic yogurt is capped off with a few raisins that spell out: B-O-O!

Feedback from Lunch #47 (Thursday, 10/28/10): She ate the apples, almonds and a few bites of her pasta before disaster hit.  She dropped her fork, and said she was being goofy and accidentally spilled her container.  Pasta down!  She was embarrassed about it and said some kids were laughing.  Oy!  My poor girl!  I told her next time she needs to be more careful and a little less silly (she does love to make people laugh though and I can’t fault her for that).

What Ava Did Not Eat for Lunch: Kids eating lunch from the school cafeteria have a choice of Cheese or Sausage Pizza OR Chicken Nuggets–both served with Tossed Salad and Mixed Vegetables.

Just 127 more lunches to go…


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