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Week 11 – Wednesday’s Lunch October 27, 2010

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Lunch #46: We were moving S-L-O-W this morning, because it’s so C-O-L-D!!  I hated to crawl out of my warm bed and face the harsh reality of a morning without heat.  Our goal is to make it to at least November 1, before we fire up the furnace.  Fortunately for us, it’s supposed to warm back up into the fifties later this week, but right now I see snow flurries falling outside my window on this blustery morn.

Anyway, back to lunch.  I need to go to the store, so we’re running with just the basics today: Grapes cut in half to remove the seeds (Ava is not a fan of seeds so I complied…next, I suppose she’ll be wanting them peeled as well…ha!), organic vanilla yogurt with organic applesauce and flax seeds, whole-grain Goldfish crackers, and mini sandwiches of organic almond and apple butters on whole-grain bread.

Feedback from Lunch #45 (Tuesday, 10/26/10): She ate everything.  The graham cracker sandwiches were a BIG hit.  She actually wanted them again for after school snack and again today, but I told her to pace herself.  The funny thing about them is that one day when we were out of bread, I offered them as a solution, and she scoffed at the idea.  Sometimes, Mom really DOES know best.

What Ava Did NOT Eat for Lunch: According to the district menu, kids buying lunch from the cafeteria have a choice of Taco & Chips w/ Taco Toppings or BBQ Chicken on Bun, Corn & Black Bean Salad—both served with Smile Fries.  I think the real question for me was: What the heck is a smile fry?  So of course, I Googled. While some may find them adorable, I think it’s the food equivalent of putting lipstick on a pig.  Creepy!

Just 129 more lunches to go…


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