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Week 11 – Tuesday’s Lunch October 26, 2010

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Lunch #45: Today’s lunch has gone fruity.  I sliced an organic apple (added a squeeze of lemon) and cut several grapes in half to remove the seeds.  I also used the remaining portion of mandarin orange slices from yesterday. Finally, I added almonds, and sandwiches made from graham crackers we’ve had since summer, natural peanut butter, and organic strawberry jam.

Feedback from Lunch #44 (Monday, 10/25/10)  and a sudden change in appetite: Ava did really well with the Laptop Lunch box (as far as getting it open), and ate everything at school during lunch time except her yogurt with mandarins.  Why?  Because she thought I didn’t give her a spoon (she didn’t see it in its slot), so the yogurt/mandarins became part of her afternoon snack.  Maybe it’s the much cooler weather (drizzly and really windy), but Ava has been really hungry the last couple of days.  Then again, she may be going through another growing spurt (she’s very tall for her age–when she was five people thought she was eight).  Anyhow, last night she kept saying she was SO hungry, while I was preparing dinner (my made-up recipe for organic gluten-free minestrone–it’s chock full of veggies and beans) and once it was ready she scarfed it down and still had room for a snack shortly after.  Then this morning she woke up extra hungry and was annoyed that I made her wait to eat until after she was dressed and had her hair fixed (she usually picks at her cereal so it works better to make sure she is ready for school first).

What Ava Did Not Eat for Lunch: According to the district menu, children buying lunch from school have a choice of Chicken Patty on Bun Or Turkey Ham & Cheese Chef Salad w/ Soft Pretzel–both served with Corn and Seasoned Potato Wedges.  Chicken is healthy right?  Well it can be when it’s not made of processed meat paste (three words to Google: mechanically separated meat).  Also, while it’s nice to offer salad as an option, it would be better to have ones made with spinach leaves rather than the cheaper and less nutritionally sufficient iceberg lettuce.  As for the corn listed today, it’s the sodium laden canned corn which is likely also genetically modified (GMO or “frankenfood”).

Just 130 more lunches to go…


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