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Week 11 – Monday’s Lunch October 25, 2010

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Lunch #44: Today I decided to give our Laptop Lunch box another chance.  I am thinking Ava will find the containers a bit easier to open now that they’ve been broken in a bit more (via use by Auntie M).  With the extra compartments I was able to create a bigger boxed buffet of things that Ava enjoys: organic pear cubes, organic apple butter and almond butter on whole-grain bread (cut into mini-hearts), almonds, Annie’s Homegrown Bunny Friends, organic vanilla yogurt with a sprinkle of flax seeds, and no sugar added mandarin orange slices.

Feedback from Lunch #43 (Wednesday, 10/20/10–short week last week): She ate everything!  She really made an effort to slow down and eat her food instead of rushing outside to play.  Hopefully over the long weekend she hasn’t forgotten about being hungry last Monday when she chose to play instead of eat.  We had her teacher conference on Thursday, and I was very pleased to hear Ava is doing really well in school.  We had a great weekend with a quick trip to visit Ava’s Granny, and on Saturday, Ava was in a parade.  It’s so nice that she is back to her healthy self again!

What Ava Did NOT Eat for Lunch: Children buying lunch from the cafeteria have a choice of Cheeseburger on Bun or Turkey Egg Roll & Brown Rice w/ Sweet & Sour Sauce—Steamed Broccoli & Oven Fries.  I think it’s nice to see brown rice and steamed broccoli on the district’s menu; we are not consumers of hamburgers without knowing where the meat came from (Google ‘Pink Slime’ ) and likely all of the bread products used by the district contain high fructose corn syrup, which we also shun.

Just 131 more lunches to go…


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