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Week Ten – Wednesday’s Lunch (Last One for a Short Week) October 20, 2010

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Lunch#43: Today I placed organic pear slices, grapes, almonds and whole-grain Goldfish crackers into the large compartment of her lunch container.  The grapes have seeds, so I already know she’s not going to be loving that.  In the other sections I added organic vanilla yogurt with a sprinkling of flax seeds, and again by Ava’s request we have cucumber and tomato (from our container garden) chunks–this time I tossed them in a splash of blush vinaigrette.  I wanted to added cheddar cheese cubes, but Ava claims she is still “off cheese.”

It’s the last day of the school week for us, as the kids have off on Thursday and Friday due to parent-teacher conferences.  In fact, I have to meet with Ava’s teacher tomorrow afternoon, so here’s hoping for a good academic report.  I was extra proud of her when she recently brought home a certificate/picture indicating she had been selected as one of the school’s good citizens.  While she has her sassy moments (her knew thing is finger snapping) at home, she really is a very kind, sweet, sensitive soul who amazes me everyday.

Feedback from Lunch#42 (Tuesday, 10/19/10): Ava remembered to eat first play second!  She ate everything and remarked that she does really “like hummus.”

What Ava Did NOT Eat for Lunch: According to the district menu, kids buying lunch from the cafeteria have a choice of French Toast Sticks & String Cheese or Chili Burrito and Creamy Coleslaw–both with Hash Brown Sticks.

Just 132 more lunches to go…see you Monday!!


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