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Week Ten – Tuesday’s Lunch October 19, 2010

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Lunch#42: I made hummus this morning, so I took an Earth Grains Multi-grain Thin Bun and a little smear of that yummy garlicky goodness and made Ava some little sandwich wedges.  I also added organic apple slices, cucumber and tomatoes (from our container garden) to her box today.  The tomatoes were by request.  Yesterday I was snacking on one and Ava asked what I was eating, so I told her and asked her if she wanted a bite.  She said, yeah and proceeded to finish the rest as she declared, “These are SO yum, and they are healthier (than from the store) too!  I want some for lunch tomorrow. ”

Feedback from Lunch#41 (10/18/10): My darling girl came home VERY hungry yesterday.  Why?  She didn’t eat the majority of her food at lunch time.  Why?  She said she was in a hurry to get outside to play.  After school when we arrived home, she grabbed her lunch pail and devoured the rest of her food as I explained why she was SO hungry.  I told her that she needs brain food during the day to help her learn, and added that she really needs to use her lunch time to eat first and play second.  She said she would try to remember, and asked me to write a note to put in her box.  Since she is not yet a proficient reader, the message is to be simple: EAT.

What Ava Did NOT Eat for Lunch: Kids buying lunch from the school cafeteria have their choice of Chicken Tenders & Bread Stick or Turkey & Cheese Deli Sandwich–both with Oven Baked Fries and Baked Beans.

Just  133 more lunches to go…


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