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Second Full Week – Monday’s Lunch (All About Comfort…) August 30, 2010

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Ava is still sick and has not had a great appetite all weekend despite being presented with a plethora of foods she typically enjoys.  Her once sore throat has subsided and she now has lots of congestion, so things don’t taste good right now.  With no fever, she is going to school today.  Hopefully, she will be feeling better later this week.  Until then, lunch is all about her kind of comfort food.  To that end, I tried to keep her lunch an offering of foods I know she likes, without doing anything new or experimental today.

Lunch#8: Ava’s favorite crunchy peanut butter on a whole wheat wrap with a bit of black raspberry jam, and the remaining crumbs of her dehydrated Just Raspberries make up the main dish of her lunch box today. Next I have added her most favorite food of all time: grapes, as well as some sharp cheddar cubes, almonds, whole grain Goldfish crackers, raisins, and a few of Annie’s Homegrown Bunny Grahams.  Hopefully in this mix of favorites she will find something that tastes good even on a day when she is still on feeling 100-percent.

Feedback from Lunch #7 (Friday, 8/27/10): As I noted above, Ava has not had much of an appetite, so aside from most of the fruit and about one bite of everything else, her lunch on Friday went largely untouched.

What Ava Did NOT Have for Lunch Today: According to the school district menu, kids eating lunch from the cafeteria will be offered Macaroni and cheese, Cold Cut Sub Sandwich, Baby Carrots, and Frozen Fruit Bar.

New Stuff: This weekend I ordered some fun new supplies for jazzing up Ava’s lunches.  I will be looking forward to getting new reusable food picks, sandwich cutters, and a new bento system from Laptop Lunches.  I’ve come to realize that I need a container for the stuff I already have.  Perhaps a small organizer with drawers would help me keep everything in one centralized location.  I will look into that.

Happy Monday!  Just 167 more lunches to go…