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First Full Week of School – Tuesday Lunch August 24, 2010

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Lunch #4: Today I have a doctor appointment in “the big city,” and rather than risk not being able to get back in time to pick Ava up from school, we will be checking her out early and taking her with us.  While she won’t be eating lunch at school, I still opted to prepare a healthy meal for her to bring on the trip.  This will prevent the temptation to eat out or make less than optimal food choices.

Having not slept well last night, and not feeling particularly good today, this lunch was more about function than form.  I had to laugh after the fact when I realized this lunch box is noticeably orange.

In the main section, I’ve placed sandwich wedges of crunchy peanut butter and black raspberry on an Earth Grains brand Multi-Grain Thin Bun, as well as some whole grain goldfish crackers, and two of her Auntie M’s homemade oatmeal chocolate chip pecan cookies (made with whole wheat flour).  The remaining compartments contain a simple carrot raisin apple salad, and mandarin orange slices.

Feedback from Lunch#3 (see Monday, 8/23/10): After school I asked Ava how her lunch was, and she said she ate everything except for her wrap.  I asked if she tried it, and she indicated that she had not, so we agreed that she would try it as her after school snack.  Upon taking the first bite of her wrap, she let out a resounding “Mmmmm!” and ate all three pieces.  I will definitely make that again!

What Ava Did NOT Eat for Lunch: Based on the school district’s lunch menu, the kids who bought lunch from school today were given the options of  Soft Shell Taco or Ham & Cheese on Bun, Veg. Baked Beans, and Oven Potatoes.

Just 171 more lunches to go…


2 Responses to “First Full Week of School – Tuesday Lunch”

  1. David Huntley Says:

    can i ask you something? where do you get the ideas for doing stuff like this? i mean its great, wonderful, new, and exciting to watch you make this dishes for your daughter…

    • lunchlady101 Says:

      Thanks for the compliment, and great question, David! When I decided I was going to make Ava’s lunches this year, I started researching fun and healthy ideas on the web. I came across a lot of information and blogs about bento boxes, and parents who make really artistically creative lunches for their kids. What I do is no where near as fancy as some folks, but my main goal is to make a healthy lunch a little more special than just a plain old sandwich. If you Google bento for kids, you’ll find a lot of neat sites. 🙂 Desiree

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