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The First Full Week of School – Monday’s Lunch August 23, 2010

Lunch #3: For Monday’s lunch, I decided to prepare a cold cut wrap using the last of our Flatout Bread Wraps (Multi-grain with Flax), ham, cheddar, lettuce, carrot shavings, and a bit of mayo.  I held them together with the animal pics.  Ava loves yogurt with fruit, so I mixed some strawberry yogurt with mandarin orange slices.  I also added star shaped carrot cut-outs, some mozzarella cheese chunks, and a few whole grain goldfish crackers.  Two of her Auntie M’s homemade oatmeal chocolate chip pecan cookies (made with whole wheat flour) round out the box.

Feedback from Lunch #2 (see Friday, 8/20/10): Once again almost everything from the box was consumed from Friday’s lunch.  The exception being a tomato wedge, a couple of cucumbers, and a few pieces of fruit salad.  She went ahead and had those for after school snack with the remaining fruit salad and some yogurt.  Things seem to be working out nicely.  Ava even asked me earlier today if I was going to pack her lunch for tomorrow and exclaimed, “Goodie!  You make the best lunches EVER!”

Finally dear readers, I have joined Twitter just for the purpose of getting the word out about this blog.  Though I consider myself relatively technologically savvy, I am not entirely sure yet what that means, or exactly how Twitter works, but if you do you will find a Tweet button at the end of this post.  Have a great Monday!

What Ava Did NOT Eat for Lunch: Based on the school district menu, kids eating from the cafeteria were able to choose between Sloppy Joe on a Bun or Assorted Pizza–both served with Tossed Salad, and Carrots.

Just 172 more lunches to go…


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