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Big Kid, Big Changes August 8, 2010

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I can scarcely believe my dear daughter will be turning six-years-old in little more than a month.  It’s a busy time!  A “September baby,” she missed the age cut-off for kindergarten last fall, but come August 18, 2010, Ava will begin her academic career.  For me, it’s bitter-sweet.  While I am happy to see her blossoming, I get a little misty whenever I’m reminded that the baby she once was, is disappearing a little bit everyday.

Ava is admittedly scared.  There are the typical fears of being at a different school with longer hours and new classmates.  Therefore,  I am trying to emphasize the positive and make it seem as exciting as possible.

She went with her Auntie to pick out the school’s list of required supplies earlier this week.  She and I looked on-line for a nice  backpack, lunch box, and beverage container–she chose her favorite color (turquoise) and design.  For preschool, we had purchased cheaper backpacks at Wal-Mart, but this year I wanted products that will hopefully last for a couple of years without the zippers breaking–I’m hoping our purchase will hold up.  As for her drink container, it was important for me to find one that was reusable and BPA free.  In my next post I will discuss the tools I plan to use to make Ava’s lunches fun and appealing.

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