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Second Full Week – Tuesday’s Lunch (New Stuff) August 31, 2010

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New Stuff: I was pleasantly surprised when the Laptop Lunch Bento 2.0 set (and extra containers) I ordered on Friday, arrived on Monday.  The box, containers, and flatware seem to be really heavy-duty, and durable.  I am excited to have some leak-proof containers for dips, sauces, and dressings.  I hope Ava enjoys these new items, and that these containers are worth their price tag.

Our new laptop lunch set with user's guide (bottom) and extra interior containers (top)

I read through the substantial user’s guide that came with our set.  It is full of useful tips, recipes, and information about nutrition and waste-free lunches.  Of particular interest to me was the estimate that an average school-age child using disposable (plastic, paper, individually wrap food items, beverage boxes/pouches/bottles, plastic utensils and paper napkins) lunch items generates 67 pounds of waste per school year.  That makes me glad we have opted go with reusable containers, utensils, and cloth napkins.

Lunch #9: I decided to use the new Laptop Lunch containers and prepare a “build your own taco salad” meal.  All organic items: corn chips, black bean and corn salsa, and sour cream were added to shredded lettuce, tomato wedges, and cheddar cubes.  Rounding out the box are her favorite grapes.  I’m hoping the new containers with lids will make this lunch and it’s wet/dry ingredients hold up.

Feedback from Lunch #8 (Monday, 8/30/10): During lunch time Ava ate everything I had packed for her except the wrap.  She decided that she does not like the tortilla I used–I have been trying to use them up, because they were left over from dinner this past week (two bean burritos).  Her disdain for the tortilla meant that she hadn’t even touched the wrap at school.  However, she ended up eating it as an after school snack before we headed off to our eye appointments and her soccer practice.

What Ava Did NOT Have for Lunch Today: Those students purchasing lunch from the cafeteria today will have their choice of either Pizza Casserole & Garlic Bread or Fish Bites & Whole Wheat Bread, both served with Tossed Salad and Corn.

Just 166 more lunches to go…


Second Full Week – Monday’s Lunch (All About Comfort…) August 30, 2010

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Ava is still sick and has not had a great appetite all weekend despite being presented with a plethora of foods she typically enjoys.  Her once sore throat has subsided and she now has lots of congestion, so things don’t taste good right now.  With no fever, she is going to school today.  Hopefully, she will be feeling better later this week.  Until then, lunch is all about her kind of comfort food.  To that end, I tried to keep her lunch an offering of foods I know she likes, without doing anything new or experimental today.

Lunch#8: Ava’s favorite crunchy peanut butter on a whole wheat wrap with a bit of black raspberry jam, and the remaining crumbs of her dehydrated Just Raspberries make up the main dish of her lunch box today. Next I have added her most favorite food of all time: grapes, as well as some sharp cheddar cubes, almonds, whole grain Goldfish crackers, raisins, and a few of Annie’s Homegrown Bunny Grahams.  Hopefully in this mix of favorites she will find something that tastes good even on a day when she is still on feeling 100-percent.

Feedback from Lunch #7 (Friday, 8/27/10): As I noted above, Ava has not had much of an appetite, so aside from most of the fruit and about one bite of everything else, her lunch on Friday went largely untouched.

What Ava Did NOT Have for Lunch Today: According to the school district menu, kids eating lunch from the cafeteria will be offered Macaroni and cheese, Cold Cut Sub Sandwich, Baby Carrots, and Frozen Fruit Bar.

New Stuff: This weekend I ordered some fun new supplies for jazzing up Ava’s lunches.  I will be looking forward to getting new reusable food picks, sandwich cutters, and a new bento system from Laptop Lunches.  I’ve come to realize that I need a container for the stuff I already have.  Perhaps a small organizer with drawers would help me keep everything in one centralized location.  I will look into that.

Happy Monday!  Just 167 more lunches to go…


First Full Week of School – Friday’s Lunch August 27, 2010

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Lunch#7: Today, I have prepared a whole wheat tortilla (left over from dinner this week) with cream cheese, sliced apple, raisins, and shredded carrots.   Additionally, Ava will have Just Raspberries (dehydrated raspberries), nectarine and apple slices, carrot sticks, and ants on a log (celery, crunchy peanut butter, with raisins).

Feedback from Lunch#6 (Thursday, 8/26/10): As indicated, Ava’s Auntie M. visited her for lunch on Thursday.  That provided some interesting insight into what goes on in the lunch room at school.  First she noticed that about 25 kids brought their lunch (and generally most of those lunches seemed pretty well balanced), while the rest of the 110 kindergartners bought lunch from the cafeteria.  Auntie M. noted that the cafeteria food was very unappealing in appearance and that most of the children did not eat the bulk of their lunch; those who had french toast sticks and string cheese ate more, while those with spaghetti casserole seemed to stick mainly to their fruit cups.

Unfortunately, Ava was feeling a wee bit worse than yesterday.  She continued to have a sore throat and not much of an appetite.  However, since her temperature was fine, she went to school.  That said, even though her lunch contained items she typically enjoys, she did not eat much.  She finished her fruit, Annie’s Bunny Grahams, and some of her sandwich.

There is definitely a virus moving through the kindergarten crowd.  Earlier in the week, Ava’s friend, “P,” had a sore throat.  Rest, relaxation, and lots of fluids were priority one for Ava last evening.

Dinner was homemade “medicine soup” (organic gluten-free chicken noodle soup) for Ava; she managed to eat a small bowl full.  Hopefully, she will feel better today, and continue to improve over the weekend.

What Ava is NOT Have for Lunch: According to the school district’s menu, children buying their lunch from the cafeteria have a choice of Max Pizza Sticks & Sauce, or Tatertot Casserole & Bread with Spinach Salad, and Broccoli & Cauliflower.

Just 168 more lunches to go…


First Full Week of School – Thursday’s Lunch August 26, 2010

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Lunch #6: Ava’s Auntie M., who is heading back to university next week, will be having lunch with her today, so I have prepared twin lunches for them to enjoy.

By request, they are having the same sandwich Ava had in lunch #5 (ham, cheddar, lettuce, and mayo on an Earth Grains Mult-grain Thin Bun, so that was easy!  In the smallest section I paired nectarine chunks, and floral cut-outs of apple (both squeezed with lemon to prevent browning).  Next, I added cucumber slices (from our container garden), and carrot cut-outs/rings with a bit of ranch dressing.  Baby dill pickles, and Annie’s Homegrown Bunny Grahams round out this lunch.  It’s nothing fancy, and with the Easy Lunch Boxes containers, I was actually surprised how easy it was to pack two lunches instead of just the usual one.

Feedback from Lunch #5 (Wednesday, 8/25/10): Upon checking Ava’s lunch box, I found everything eaten except her sandwich halves (curiously one had a small bite missing).  I wondered to myself if she didn’t like it, or if she just wasn’t feeling well (she woke up with a sore throat–the joys of being back to school!).  Ava explained that “some boy” had touched her sandwich (how rude!), so she decided not to eat it.  Upon further investigation, she did not realize there was another unblemished half a sandwich underneath the half he touched–she ate that for after school snack and declared that she wanted the same sandwich for lunch on Thursday.  Auntie M. pointed out that this “touching moment” is at least a sign that Ava’s lunches are interesting to the other children.  True.  Maybe he’ll ask to bring his lunches too!

What Ava is NOT having for lunch: According to the district’s menu the children have a choice between french toast sticks with string cheese, or spaghetti casserole with garlic bread–both options are served with fruit cup (canned) and mixed vegetables (canned).  When I read their menu, I am reminded exactly why I have opted to make her lunches.

Just 169 more lunches to go…


The First Full Week of School – Wednesday’s Lunch August 25, 2010

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Lunch #5: This box came together quickly, since this evening Ava picked out a few things she wanted to try from the grocery.  New in the pantry are Pirate’s Booty and Organic Just Raspberries to shake things up a bit.  The Pirate’s Booty is not something we will eat a lot of, because while it is gluten-free, it’s more of a lower nutritional value snack food.  The Organic Just Raspberries are dehydrated, and pretty pricey for the small amount of berries provided, so again, this is just a small treat to add to the box and something fun for Ava to try.  We do have local organic raspberries in season, and hope to make time to pick some this weekend.

In addition to these two new items, I placed ham, cheddar, lettuce, and mayo on an Earth Grains Multi-Grain Thin Bun, and sliced it into two half-moon shapes.  I also added two baby dill pickles, and fresh nectarine chunks (with a squeeze of lemon to prevent browning).
Feedback from Lunch#4 (Tuesday, 8/24/10): Ava ate the entire contents of the lunch box while she and her Auntie M. were waiting for me to finish at my appoint.  As previously noted, she was checked out of school early, because I was not sure if we would make it back from “the big city” before school let out.  With the help of her Auntie M., Ava devoured the carrot, raisin, apple salad (they both informed me that it was really messy), and Ava said, “I didn’t like it…I LOVED it!”  Perhaps this will be a recipe reserved just for home, since it’s pretty “drippy” after sitting in the refrigerator overnight.

What Ava Did NOT Eat for Lunch: According to the school district’s menu, today’s lunch offering was Chicken Patty on Bun, Turkey/Ham & Cheese Chef & Soft Pretzel, Cole Slaw , Banana, and Hot Cinnamon Apples.

Just 170 more lunches to go…


First Full Week of School – Tuesday Lunch August 24, 2010

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Lunch #4: Today I have a doctor appointment in “the big city,” and rather than risk not being able to get back in time to pick Ava up from school, we will be checking her out early and taking her with us.  While she won’t be eating lunch at school, I still opted to prepare a healthy meal for her to bring on the trip.  This will prevent the temptation to eat out or make less than optimal food choices.

Having not slept well last night, and not feeling particularly good today, this lunch was more about function than form.  I had to laugh after the fact when I realized this lunch box is noticeably orange.

In the main section, I’ve placed sandwich wedges of crunchy peanut butter and black raspberry on an Earth Grains brand Multi-Grain Thin Bun, as well as some whole grain goldfish crackers, and two of her Auntie M’s homemade oatmeal chocolate chip pecan cookies (made with whole wheat flour).  The remaining compartments contain a simple carrot raisin apple salad, and mandarin orange slices.

Feedback from Lunch#3 (see Monday, 8/23/10): After school I asked Ava how her lunch was, and she said she ate everything except for her wrap.  I asked if she tried it, and she indicated that she had not, so we agreed that she would try it as her after school snack.  Upon taking the first bite of her wrap, she let out a resounding “Mmmmm!” and ate all three pieces.  I will definitely make that again!

What Ava Did NOT Eat for Lunch: Based on the school district’s lunch menu, the kids who bought lunch from school today were given the options of  Soft Shell Taco or Ham & Cheese on Bun, Veg. Baked Beans, and Oven Potatoes.

Just 171 more lunches to go…


The First Full Week of School – Monday’s Lunch August 23, 2010

Lunch #3: For Monday’s lunch, I decided to prepare a cold cut wrap using the last of our Flatout Bread Wraps (Multi-grain with Flax), ham, cheddar, lettuce, carrot shavings, and a bit of mayo.  I held them together with the animal pics.  Ava loves yogurt with fruit, so I mixed some strawberry yogurt with mandarin orange slices.  I also added star shaped carrot cut-outs, some mozzarella cheese chunks, and a few whole grain goldfish crackers.  Two of her Auntie M’s homemade oatmeal chocolate chip pecan cookies (made with whole wheat flour) round out the box.

Feedback from Lunch #2 (see Friday, 8/20/10): Once again almost everything from the box was consumed from Friday’s lunch.  The exception being a tomato wedge, a couple of cucumbers, and a few pieces of fruit salad.  She went ahead and had those for after school snack with the remaining fruit salad and some yogurt.  Things seem to be working out nicely.  Ava even asked me earlier today if I was going to pack her lunch for tomorrow and exclaimed, “Goodie!  You make the best lunches EVER!”

Finally dear readers, I have joined Twitter just for the purpose of getting the word out about this blog.  Though I consider myself relatively technologically savvy, I am not entirely sure yet what that means, or exactly how Twitter works, but if you do you will find a Tweet button at the end of this post.  Have a great Monday!

What Ava Did NOT Eat for Lunch: Based on the school district menu, kids eating from the cafeteria were able to choose between Sloppy Joe on a Bun or Assorted Pizza–both served with Tossed Salad, and Carrots.

Just 172 more lunches to go…